What is the home buying process?

The home buying process typically involves finding a property, making an offer, getting a mortgage, having the property inspected, and closing the deal. Our agents can guide you through each step and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Buying a property in Andalucía

When buying a property in Andalucía you should always allow between 10% and 11% of the purchase price of the property for costs. The highest cost is the transfer tax wich is a flat rate of just 7% independently of the purchase price. There are other costs involved,  usually they are a percentage of the purchase price of the property. 

Are there any other legal requirements?

Once you have found your perfect place in the sun you will need to apply for an N.I.E number. This number is an individual identification number for foreigners in Spain and you cannot purchase a property without it.

Depending on your nacionality, the legal requirements may be varied. Your appointed solicitor can  advise you accordingly. We are happy to help througth this process.

What other cost should I expect?

There are other costs involved, for example Notary fees and land/property registration fees which are usually a percentage of the purchase price of the property. If you are purchasing the property with a mortgage then mortgage fees will also be incurred. You will need to appoint a solicitor. Solicitors fees are usually on average 1,500€ plus IVA of 21%. Please remember, always budget for 10%/11% of the purchase price of the property to allow for the above costs.

Do I have to be in Spain to fulfill the procces?

If it is difficult for you to return to Spain to complete the relevant paperwork then please remember that you can give your solicitor Power of Attorney which enables them to sign legal documents on your behalf.

Once you have chosen your home

Reservation Deposit and Contract

If you wish you can pay a 3000€ Reservation Deposit which will take the property off the market. A contract must be drawn up either by a registered estate agent or a solicitor. The contract has to be in Spanish but a translated contract can also be provided. Please note that in Spain all pages of the contract must be signed. This deposit will be refunded should any legal problems be found with the documentation of the property when checked by your solicitor.

Sales contract

Once your solicitor has checked the legal documentation for the property and ensured that the property is free of debt then a sales contract will be prepared. At this point a 10% deposit is required. Once you have paid the 10% deposit you will lose it should you pull out. If the vendor pulls out then they will have to pay 20%. Once more, please remember that all pages of the contract have to be signed, in this case by both the buyer and the vendor.


Completion is when the deeds of the property are officially signed over to you at the Notary. Your solicitor will be with you to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. We will also be there to support you and congratulate you on your new, exciting purchase.